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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Pawn shops... Seedy places for desperate people with their backs so firmly against the wall, that the bricks have felt like parts of their ribcages for a long time.

My turn...

These past 365 days have held so many things that I never ever thought I would see in my life. This is just another brick in the wall.

It is all just fading into a grey blur (am I the only one who don't know when to use "grey" or "gray" about the color?). Pawned my wedding ring. Originally I purchased it from royal jeweller Peter Hertz, in Copenhagen, for more than £660. After 30 seconds of scrutinising under a magnifying glass behind a steelbarred window, the verdict was ready: £22!

My only regret, was that I wasn't scheming enough to pawn the diamond ring and gold/platinum ring I gave the snake, before she could get her hands on them.

A yellow piece of paper and a signature, and I had the £22 in my hand.

Perhaps that was what my marriage was worth all along...

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