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Monday, April 23, 2007

End of the line

Perhaps it was never more than a beautiful dream; A dream I could let myself dream for 5 years or so...

Back to doing dirty dishes, tidying up the mess, paying off the bills.

Well, it was nice to dream. It was nice to belong. It was nice to make believe. Even if only for a little while...

The Chinese live only to make sure their children are better off than themselves. Or so I am told.

When it happens that you are standing at the brink of your dream, but your time is up, your money is spent and your energy gone, it is at least a comforting thought that your dream can live on - if nothing else through your children. That they may not only taste and dream their dreams for 5 years, but actually live them.

As for me, I have to answer the question, if you cannot change something, should you bother thinking about it then?

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