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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Debut entry

Everybody does it. Blogging. Apparently it is one of the most searched after words on Google. I only realised the meaning of the word just the other day, but hey Google, you can't argue with that.

And the thought is appealing, that somebody would actually care about your petty everyday thoughts and ramblings; watching your every keystroke for another morsel of infinite wisdom or entertainment. So I am gonna do it too. Can't be left behind in blogging arms race. So this is very much the unveiling of my latest piece of not-yet-so-important work: My personal blog!

I suppose I am today the artist, all alone at the unveiling of his latest greatest, yet the whole world didn't care to show. And what better way to kick this baby off, than by insulting everybody? PHILLISTINES!!!

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