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Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Man, it felt great seeing two stories about games in BusinessWeek.

One was about Bungie and their transition from a basement developer to an anarchistic cell inside Microsoft's headquarters.

The other was an interview with Alex Seropian, ex-Bungie founder, and his new venture Wideload Games, where they are trying on the much debated production model from Hollywood for size for games development. As far as I am concerned, the whole games industry is carefully looking on with bated breath.

Why is this important?

Back in 1998, I saw an article in the financial section of major Danish business newspaper with a strong buy recommendation for the games industry as a whole. They claimed that this was the future form of entertainment (surprise!), and the growth market for massive profits within the next 5 years. We haven't quite realized that potential yet, even though we like to believe in that "bigger than Hollywood" urban legend. A good hard look at the games industry, and we are nowhere near a true mass market hit yet.

So seeing our industry mentioned again in a medium like BusinessWeek was a nice pat on the back; We are on the right track, and others than us, believe we will get there soon...

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