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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

MARI: Precise Selecting of Multitudes of Polygons

I am sure you love carefully selecting polygon by single polygon.

I am also sure you have muttered curses under your breath, as you accidentally select the wrong ones, forcing you to undo and break your rhythm.

Accidentally picking the wrong polygons tend to make us pick the polygons, one by one, in the centre of them, where the pointer is far away from the edges of the polygons we don't need.

Safe and slow it may be, but certainly not always the smartest and quickest way.

What I do instead, is that I focus on the vertices instead. I jump from spot to spot, where I can marquee select multiple vertices, allowing me to grab a whole slate of the polygons I want, in one go.

The result, is in this case, was precisely selecting 8 polygons in one go. 

With use, you develop a rhythm of quickly scanning for the useful vertices, zooming up close, marquee select, zooming out again and moving to the next spot. A million times faster than carefully picking single polygons - which means getting it over faster, so we can get to the good bits:


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