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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Story Learnings: Plot Turns

The happy and helpful people over at ScreenwritingU posted a lovely overview of the different types of plot turns. I found it well worth my time:

Once I had stuffed myself full of anagnorisis, Chekhov's Gun and noted to my satisfaction the warnings of using Deus Ex Machina in any significant way, I noticed that the list was originally written by a certain T. N. Tobias. A particularly uncommitting fellow, who is struggling to keep up with his reading list (aren't we all?). He has since taken down his list and points to Wikipedia instead.

Wikipedia, who as it turns out, has a far superior list of types of plot turns, even more worth your time:

Who would have known?

Post Scriptum

I shall shortly dismantle this blog and simply redirect to Wikipedia henceforth. All resistance is futile, and I have accepted that this singularity of knowledge is inevitable.

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