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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things That Definitely Didn't Feel Like Work:

- Making silly Post-It notes with slogans & scribbles & drawings.

- Painting silly textures for my 3D version of Animal Crossing.

- Writing mockumentary press releases about my friends and getting them featured on national radio.

- Doing pencil animations for fun.

- Coming up with lists & plans instead of actually doing the work.

- Spamming out DPS in WoW.

- Drawing with charcoal sticks and sooty fingertips.

- Dreaming up epic story versions of events from my life.

- Getting others all fired up about some idea I am all fired up about.

- Painting sea slugs in Photoshop.

- Painting cartoony fir bark textures.

- Writing fake posts on forums to stir trouble.

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